The A43 is Northamptonshire’s link between the towns of Northampton and Kettering. Currently, the route is mostly made up of a single carriageway. The scheme will see the conversion of the A43 into a dual carriageway between the A45 in Northampton and the A14 in Kettering. It will also involve improving the Round Spinney roundabout and building a new stretch of road between the Round Spinney and Moulton roundabouts to bypass the existing A43 road.

As of early 2019, the roundabout phase of the project has been completed. The existing roundabout has been expanded to make it suitable for dual carriageway traffic and a section of the A43 after Moulton has been converted into a dual carriageway. We took our drones up during the construction of the roundabout and 6 months later after completion.

The most complex phase of the task is re-routing the existing A43 about 0.5km away to create a new bypass which will be suitable for the extra traffic. The work was suspended due to permission issues, however, as of early 2019, this work finally commenced and is due for completion in Spring 2020.

The first set of photos were captured by our drones in April 2019, and updated in October 2019. The latest update was captured in February 2020, days before it opens to live traffic.

As of February 2020, the work to convert the remaining stretch of the A43 besides Moulton has commenced. This will see dual carriageway in use between the Round Spinney roundabout and the Holcot roundabout.

Alongside this, the previous A43 also known as Thorpeville will be turned into a no-through road which will serve the houses only. On Saturday 1st February, we head over to capture the view from above.

Once all of the planned work has been completed, this will help ease congestion at peak times and will reduce the need for people to use the local villages as cut-throughs. This will both speed up journey times, ease congestion and make our roads safer.

As the project falls into completion in early 2020. We’ll capture another set of photos to showcase the final product. Until then, it’s temporary traffic lights and plenty of disturbance for local residents.

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