5 Years and 2 months later – An update on the additional housing plans for Earls Barton.

The Barton Today is a not for profit magazine produced by Sally Pennycate which features monthly issues delivered to the 5,000+ residents of Earls Barton in Northamptonshire. This summer, we were approached by Sally and asked to re-create some aerial work to show the progress of additional housing schemes within Earls Barton. 

This task was a challenge for us, due to the fact that the original photos were taken from a helicopter which was flying at a height much greater than our drones are permitted to fly.

By law, we must stick to the drone code and fly no higher than 400ft/120m from the ground. We’ve covered these regulations in detail in our blog; UK Drone Laws: Made simple!

Our team wanted to create shots very similar to the photos taken. After severe planning, we picked 3 locations in which we would takeoff from. The weather was suitable and we felt confident to fly, all 3 shots were taken first time, and 

The final issue was delivered throughout October 2019. Sally was very pleased with the outcome. By showing the progress made by developers, local stakeholders were able to comment on the advancement in developments.

The Barton Today magazine is availible to read online for those who do not live within Earls Barton. 

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