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In the United Kingdom, building regulations states that buildings of a domestic nature must be inspected at least every 10 years. Buildings of a commercial nature require inspections every 5 years and other structures such as bridges may require inspections at least every 2 years.

The common method of completing this is to send a structural engineer out to site and carry out the inspection in person. If a building is tall, health and safety is jeopardised when men work at height.

This is where modern drones come in to play, sending a drone up in the air can be completed with minimal risk for a fraction of the price and still achieve the mission objective with confidence.

Our drones are equipped with 4k gimbal stabilised cameras which allow for us to produce high end imagery of a structure.


Once recorded, the images can be analysed by professional engineers and any faults/issues can be detected, enabling them to produce the full inspection report.

The imagery can also be archived and used as a comparison for inspections in years to come.

Our drone pilots are fully qualified and carry a PfCO accreditation (Permission for Commercial Operation) obtained by the CAA. We also hold public liability insurance and drone cover.

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