Flux Media Productions create promotional content for an industrial cleaning company based in Northamptonshire.

Element CC are industrial cleaning and ceiling cleaning specialists based in Northamptonshire who asked us at Flux Media Productions to come along and create them some content for their online platforms.

So what did we do?

Tasked with cleaning the crevasses of a kitchen, we captured the team carrying out their magic, allowing us to show some before and after shots of their work. We were able to create a short promotional video for the company featuring their logo which we animated, before and after shots of each of their areas of work and also some photos they can use showing off their branding.

How did we do it?

After seeing a post from the client requesting for a videographer at short notice, we couldn’t turn down this opportunity! Using our equipment, including a DJI Ronin-S gimbal, we filmed the team for just over an hour as they carried out their work. Ensuring to get before and after shots of each area of work, we filmed some B-Roll for the beginning of the video and left the client feeling confident that we could help them. Using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects CC, we created an animated version of their logo to be used at the beginning and end of the video, and edited the project in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. After just a few days the result was delivered to the client who was extremely happy with the content 

We really enjoyed working with Mario and the team and are privileged to have contributed to their increase in online presence that we cannot wait to see in the coming weeks and months!