When running a business, one of the key ways to increase sales is to invest in yourself. Marketing, when done correctly can both pay for itself and earn you money. The only thing at this that’s better than marketing is…. Video Marketing! Flux Media Productions are a video production company who are experts in the fields of photography and videography. Here’s how we can help our your business…

Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is something that is very important in marketing. Having a well known, respected brand is essentially they key to unlocking many doors. Branding is so important and what is even more important is promoting that brand in every way possible. In order to create powerful, good first impressions it is important for brands to create quality products and own them. This helps customers and clients connect with your brand so that next time they’re in the market for a certain product, they’re likely to pick you out from the crowd as they’ve seen you before and already know what you’re about.

Increase Engagement

These days with social media being so easy to access and at the forefront of many people’s minds, engagement is key to the success of almost everything. You need your business to have an online presence that people feel they can interact with. By turning your brand into a familiar friendly face and a part of different communities, you can help put yourself above your competitors in any different field. Engagement is really all about standing out from a crowd, grabbing people’s attention and saying come look at this! You’re reading this blog post now, meaning you’re engaging with the content. Studies have shown that after watching video marketing content, 65% of execs visit the marketers website after watching.  

Show Off Your Products

It’s important to remember that a large number of people out there might of heard of your business but might not know what you’re about. Video marketing is a great way to pack in a huge amount more information than you can with text or images alone. By using video marketing, you can show to both new and existing customers what your business is really about, who you are and also what your products are about. Video marketing is proven to help 90% of people to make purchasing decisions. Ultimately ending in an increased number of sales.

Increase SEO Rating

SEO is now more important than ever. In the increasingly crowded marketplace of online search it is evermore important to optimise your content to get you to and keep you at the top. Afterall, nobody ever scrolls to the bottom of the page on google or even goes to page 2. As Google own YouTube, they’re obviously very keen to promote the use of video. That being said, they favour websites with embedded video content. As the 2nd largest search engine, having an online presence on YouTube can also greatly help your sales. If you’re at the top of the search rankings on there as well as google, you’re in the money.

Great Return On Investment! (ROI)

With all the above added benefits, video marketing can really easily be crafted to your businesses individual needs to both pay for itself and increase your profit. This is what marketing is all about. If you’ve got a business that you believe in then it’s worth investing in it as if you set things up correctly, video marketing will pay for itself. 83% of businesses that have adopted video marketing say that video provides good ROI. Video marketing can also be a great tool  in many other different areas too. According to Australian real estate agents, video marketing is known to often lead to 403% more enquiries than ads without.

How can Flux Media Productions help?

Flux Media Productions offer our clients bespoke video marketing. With the help of our marketing partners we can create full marketing campaigns across all different social media and online channels. Whether it be promoting your business, your band or your upcoming event, video marketing will offer you a great ROI and help your boost your sales.
If you’ve benefitted from this article and are interested in video production for your event, head over to our get in touch page. Discover how we can help your event reach your target audience and boost the number of people attending. If you have any questions or queries give us a call on 07469 232842 or send us an email to enquiries@fluxmediapro.co.uk

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