The COVID-19 pandemic is something that we are all a bit too familiar with by now.

Phrases like ‘social distancing’ and ‘lockdown’ have now become part of our daily vocabulary and are now considered the ‘norm’.

This pandemic is something that is affecting every single one of us. Some unfortunately more than others.

People struggle with isolation at the best of times, when the government announced a full UK lockdown, it was clear that something positive had to happen.

Many communities pulled together to help those suffering by creating artwork for the ‘NHS heros’, flooding social media with positive messages and so much more!


We took this opportunity to capture all the positive attributes and create a video for our village.  A poem which was written and spoken by a neighbour, a song covered on guitar by an ex student of the local school. Covering the many ‘socially distanced’ events which took place. 

The video captured the attention of over 11 thousand people and is continuing to be shared throughout Facebook today!

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