When organising an event, one of the biggest questions you’ll always ask yourself is how can you get as many people to go as possible. Filming your event is one of the most effective ways of doing this. It is extremely important as it increases engagement following on from the event. In addition to this it shows the people who weren’t there what they were missing out on, increases your brand awareness and is also a great way of improving your SEO rankings. It’s one thing to create hype for an event before it’s happened but then it’s even more important to keep that hype going after as this then in turn generates more hype for the next one.

Increase Engagement

These days with social media being so easy to access and at the forefront of many people’s minds, engagement is key to the success of almost everything. When driving engagement, the key is creating discussion. If people are talking about your event then not only will this increase your brand awareness but it will also make sure people remember it. The key to cracking this is to keep your event alive with online video content. When people are talking about your event weeks and months in the future then it goes from being the thing that you did last week to the topic of the month. Increasing engagement is also a great way to get feedback. This will allow you to see what people liked and plan accordingly next time to make the event appeal to even more.

Show Off Your Event

It’s important to also remember there will be some people who won’t have heard of your event or might have been in a position where they couldn’t attend. Event video production is a great way to show people who weren’t there, what they missed out on. This will then encourage those people to add the date to their calendar and ensure they come to the next one.

Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is something that is very important in marketing. Having a well known, respected brand is essentially they key to unlocking many doors. Branding is so important and what is even more important is promoting that brand in every way possible. In order to create powerful, good first impressions it is important for brands to create quality products and own them. This helps customers and clients connect with your brand so that next time they’re in the market for a certain product, they’re likely to pick you out from the crowd as they’ve seen you before and already know what you’re about.

Increase SEO Rating

SEO is now more important than ever. In the increasingly crowded marketplace of online search it is evermore important to optimise your content to get you to and keep you at the top. Content is key when it comes to SEO. Producing high quality content, using plenty of key words is an excellent way of ensuring that your website is noticed by the search engines and shows them that you’ve got what it takes to be at the top.

Does My Event Need Video?

In conclusion, when organising an event, video production is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that your event will live on. Video production makes sure that this year’s event is a success and that next year is too. It increases your brand awareness most importantly and drives conversation. It is no coincidence that the best events on the calendar all regularly post content online before, during and after the event. No matter what size your event is, everyone can benefit from event video production. Once your partners and clients see what they’re missing out on and how it can help them they’ll have no choice but to follow your social media and cement next year’s date into their diary.

If you’ve benefitted from this article and are interested in video production for your event, head over to our get in touch page. Discover how we can help your event reach your target audience and boost the number of people attending. If you have any questions or queries give us a call on 07469 232842 or drop us an email at enquiries@fluxmediapro.co.uk

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